10 Cheap Sports Cars That Get the Biggest Bang for Your Buck

You don’t have to drop six figures to own a sports car that will give you an attractive appearance with a sporty look and good performance. It may not even come close to rivaling the high end super cars, but these days, there’s a little something available for everyone, and that includes a lineup of sports cars that will give you the best bang or the buck. Here are the top ten cheap sports cars that will do just that.


This is BMWs M car that is one of the basics that brings the price tag down to a more reasonable $54K. It’s still a pretty penny but a discount when compared to some of the other high end luxury sport. It’s powered by a V6 turbocharged engine with a manual transmission that comes in significantly lower in price than the M3/4 that was on its way out. The engine generates 365 horse power which gives it decent acceleration and excellent road performance. Of all the M cars, it has the least amount of options, but it’s still a sweet ride.

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