10 Cool Cars for Under $30,000

When a car enthusiast thinks of their dream car, it is often one of the luxury car brands that springs to mind. Examples of these are Porsche, Ferrari, and Lamborghini. These car brands produce high-end cars that deliver speed, performance, innovative design, technical features, and a comfortable ride. However, all this comes at a price and these cars are well out of the budget of most people. This does not mean that people cannot own a cool car as there are plenty alternatives for a much lower budget. For just a fraction of the cost, a car enthusiast can drive around in a car that will be the envy of his friends because of what the car can offer in terms of performance, speed, and design. In fact, there are plenty of cool cars available for under $30,000 that may surprise you with what they can offer. Here are 10 of the coolest cars for under $30,000.

Honda Civic Si – $24,100

The Honda Civic Si is one of the few cars that can combine having a sleek, sporty, and fun design with a high-level of practicality that is ideal for the family owner. For this reason, the Honda Civic Si is a car that will appeal to several demographics. Visually the Si doesn’t look all that different from the standard range, with the exception of the trim level. There are several options available for this model, but one of the best is the 1.8-liter diesel engine as this produces 138 horsepower and has an average fuel consumption of just 40 miles per gallon. The interior has a creative layout for its controls and is reasonably spacious.

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