9 DIY Smart Home Automation Projects for a Shoestring Budget

Smart home appliances are more popular than ever. The Internet of Things (IoT) unifies everything from lighting to full security systems. Once separate systems, many things in the home are now controllable from a smartphone.

What Is the Internet of Things? What Is the Internet of Things?What is the Internet of Things? Here’s everything you need to know about it, why it’s so exciting, and some of the risks.READ MORE

As a new technology, some elements of home automation do not come cheap. However, with a DIY attitude and some cheap components you can build your own smart home on a shoestring budget! Just be sure to keep in mind how you plan on securing your smart and IoT devices. Here are nine examples to get you started.


Most smart home devices come with an app for control via smartphone or tablet. Blynk is a service designed for controlling IoT devices.

In our introduction to the Blynk service, we show several methods for using the free app. The easy to use service is perfect for monitoring and controlling DIY smart home setups. In addition to the online service, it is possible to install Blynk to a server locally. Blynk gives you quick and easy control of any Wi-Fi enabled microcontroller and is a strong tool in the arsenal of all home automation hobbyists!

Getting Started With Blynk: Simple DIY IoT Devices Getting Started With Blynk: Simple DIY IoT DevicesBlynk is an Internet of Things (IoT) service designed to make remote control and reading sensor data from your devices as quick and easy as possible.

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