A Closer Look at Floyd Mayweather’s Car Collection

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. – or “Money” as some people refer to him – swims in a lake of cash. And one of his favorite hobbies is collecting cars. While estimates vary, he easily has a net worth of several hundred million dollars as of this writing. It goes without saying: when you have that kind of money, you gotta spend it on something. Mayweather is believed to own more than a hundred cars, and is known for buying numerous versions of the same car to acquire different styles. He is also said to own a collection of all white cars in Miami and a group of all black cars in L.A.

Let us take a closer look at Floyd Mayweather’s top 10 car collection:

Rolls Royce Ghost

Rolls Royce Ghost

When you take a close look at his collection, it is easy to see that Floyd Mayweather is a Rolls Roycefanatic. One of his personal best has probably got to be the Rolls Royce Ghost. While many people would be stunned at the $250,000 it took “Money” to acquire the car, to him that’s just pocket change. Fortunately, it comes with all the luxury and good looks you would expect from this company, in addition to a jaw-dropping array of specs under the hood. The Ghost runs through a 6.6-liter twin turbocharged V12 engine that can put out 575 lb ft of torque and 562hp. How’s that for power in a car that looks more like a luxury than a sports car?

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