A Closer Look at the Rimac C Two Electric Supercar

Rimac held nothing back at the Geneva Auto Show this year with its C_Two, an unbelievably all-electric supercar. The C_Two is the follow up to Rimac’s Concept One, a feat of engineering in itself. CEO and Founder Mate Rimac unveiled their new tech with pride that they’ve gone quite far since the release of the Concept One. Putting it into perspective, Concept One pushed 1224 hp on a decent day. C_Two, on the other hadn, boasts a 1,914 hp, with all the ease and zero maintenance of an electric vehicle.

The impressive car is built with a pure carbon fiber body, rear carbon subframe, and full carbon fiber monocoque with bonded carbon roof. There are a total of four motors, with each one powering each wheel giving the vehicle four-wheel drive capability as well as full torque-vectoring control. There are also a total of 4 gearboxes that power the wheels: to single-speed gearboxes power the front while a couple of two-speed gearboxes take care of the rear. All of these things result to a peak torque of nearly 1700 lb-ft.

With all that horsepower underneath, the C_Two boasts of a 1.85 second zero to 60 stretch, a quarter mile within 9.1 secones, and within a quick 11.8 seconds, the car can easily get to 186 mph. With max speeds of up to 258 mph, this electronic vehicle tops some of the fastest cars in the nation. It’s just a few miles short of Bugatti Chiron’s 271 mph. Even more impressive is its range. Based on the European test cycle, if the C_Two was driven at a reasonable pace, its range capability should stretch up to 403 miles. This is achieved through the car’s low-drag mode that’s supported by the rear wing, both the front and rear diffusors, and the bonnet turning vane among a few other things.

When connected to a 250kW fast charging network, the C_Two will recharge itself up to 80 percent in roughly 30 minutes. It features a 22 KW 3-phase on-board charger combined with a battery pack that has 6960 Lithium manganese nickel cells. The car gets a maximum voltage of 720V. The car’s weight of 4300 lbs. is evenly distributed at an ideal 52% rear and 48% front.

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