A Closer Look at the Rimac C Two Electric Supercar

After talk of everything this car can do, Rimac is even prouder of what’s on the inside. Opening the butterfly doors on the C_Two will reveal luxury at its peak for any supercar. The C_Two is finished in gorgeous brown leather with blue accents that can be customized and switched depending on preference. The car features two electric seats and some cargo storage availability. There are three large touch screens and a total of eight cameras that comprise a full ADAS system or advanced driver-assistance system. The driver can take advantage of a power tilt/telescoping steering wheel and has options for control.

The driver can either pull off all the work, allow to be assisted by an onboard driving coach, or completely give up control to Level 4 autonomous driving. This means that the C_Two can operate without human oversight under certain conditions. The C_Two can certainly boast of this feat, as no other car in the market right now can do so. All of these features can have many benefits including blind spot monitoring, lane-keep assist, emergency braking and evasive control, and many others. The car is also adaptive, meaning that it will adapt according to weather.

This is the future of cars for sure, and the Rimac reveal at the Geneva Auto Show garnered a few shock and awe reactions up until they heard what the car could do. Then the reactions become incredulous. While many of the C_Two’s capability remain to be “see it to believe it” factors, they aren’t at all difficult to imagine with the capabilities the Concept One already had. We saw the Concept One in action, and we were all highly impressed by everything it could do. If Rimac is heading towards this direction, we fully trust in the C_Two to be the car that does it all for now and for only a few of the population. The technology powerhouse plans to manufacture just 150 of these wonders. One day, there will come a time when cars like the C_Two will be the norm rather than the outlier, and Rimac might be one of the companies to help us get there.

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