The Five Fastest Cars in Existence Right Now

Over the years, the universe has witnessed the evolution of cars from simple four-wheeled structures which could barely go over eighty miles an hour to being the fastest high tech objects on land. As different business giants try to outdo each other in getting the fastest car title, they have created speed demons which come in all shapes and sizes and have been given myriads of nicknames such as “thunderbolt” among many others. In addition to the speed, they come with some awesome features as part of the package which leaves car enthusiasts craving for them. If you are a speed maniac, then this article is for you as it features five of the fastest cars in the world of man. Nonetheless, nothing good comes easy, and you should be ready to bleed your bank account as they come in prices which will leave your mouth agape.

Koenigsegg Agera R

Our list would be completely biased if we did not have the Agera R on our top spot. Although the brand is not yet a force to reckon in the world of sport cars, it managed to take not only the market by storm but also the world in general after the release of the Agera R. If you happen to be a passenger in this speed demon, then you better be ready to scream your lungs out thanks to its 273 mph speed which is currently the highest in the world. At a price tag of about 1.1 million Euros, Agera R is packed with a bunch of high tech features such as horsepower of 1140 which leaves a mark wherever you pass and a 1200 torque. The car currently holds the world records for being the first car to go from 0 to 186 mph in just 11.7 seconds. Calling it super fast is an understatement as it is clearly a thunderbolt on four wheels.

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