The Top 10 Ferrari Models of All-time

When it comes to high end sports cars, there is no name that comes close to the legendary Ferrari. The company was started by Enzo Ferrari in the tiny Italian town of Maranello. Enzo was a race car driver for Alfa Romeo and prior to opening his own business, he headed their motorsports team. In 1940, Scuderia Ferrari produced its first racing car, and followed up with a second in 1947 with the first street car. This was the beginning of the Ferrari empire. Since then, the auto manufacturer has grown into the internationally acclaimed giant that it is today. With a name that is equivalent with superlative performance, we bring you the top twenty Ferrari models of all time.

2013 Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio Concept

The Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio Concept is a special manufacture that combines the legendary name of Sergio Pininfarina with that of Enzo Ferrari. He’s the designer famous for creating the appearance and performance of several of the Dino models, 400 Superamerica and others for the prancing horse. His design work spans several decades with the Ferrari automaker. The 2013 Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio Concept is the automaker’s tribute car that was created to honor the memory of the great design legend after he passed away in 2012. The car is a concept prototype featuring a 458 Spider frameword. It made its debut at the Geneva Motor show in 2013 where it stole the spotlight. Few could compete with the design that presented windshieldless, roofless engineering. From this prototype, a series of six production models were created for the road with the addition of a windshield and roof.

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