The Top Five Jumbo Luxury Cars From the 60s

The transition from the 1950’s to the 1960’s was an exciting time in the automobile industry. It was the Kennedy era. It was a time when America and Europe saw great post war growth. It was a time when people were able to enjoy luxuries previous decades hadn’t seen. The automobile industry used this and began to redesign older, outdated models of cars and create sleek, stylish and luxurious new models. Car designs were more cutting edge. Performance was important. Sleek, aerodynamic designs were in style. Performance and luxury were what the people wanted in their cars. Jumbo luxury cars became popular and are still admired today by car enthusiasts.

Here are the top 5 jumbo luxury cars from the 60’s.

1963 Buick Riviera

General Motors design head, Bill Mitchell was so impressed with a custom designed Rolls Royce he saw on a trip to London that he was inspired to create the first American personal luxury car, the Buick Riviera. He wanted the car to be a cross between the Rolls Royce’s elegance and the Ferrari’s sportiness. In the meantime, General Motors wanted to create a revival of the Cadillac La Salle. The result was the new Buick Riviera. GM even hired a Madison Avenue advertisement agency to market the new luxury car just like on the AMC show Mad Men. The car’s body was called “coke bottle style” because the middle was tapered and tucked in. A limited amount of cars with 340 hp debuted in 1963. The car had four roomy seats with a center console dividing the front seat. The Buick came in vinyl, cloth or leather upholstery. Walnut inserts were an option. Other extra luxury options included a tilt steering wheel, power windows, power driver’s seat, air conditioning, a remote controlled side view mirror and white sidewall tires.

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