Top 5 Mobile Interaction Designs

As the year winds down and winter sets in, what keeps you motivated through the cold months? For us here at, seeing the exciting mobile interaction designs that mobile app designers come up with is a huge motivation. The transitions, color choices, and animations — we love it all! Let’s jump right into the designs we chose this month.

1. Musician Hub by Konstantin

This app concept aims to help bands and solo musicians find each other. It allows users to pick whether they’re looking for musicians or bands. Once you select one, the categories of musicians glide to the left into their places on the page. When you click into one of the musicians, their image expands and takes up the top quarter of the page, with information about them falling into place down the screen as well. Lastly, swiping down exits the individual page and returns the card of the musician to its original spot within the proper category.

Source: Dribble

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