Top 5 Mobile Interaction Designs

2. Follow up by Alexander Karpovich for Magora

This is an app concept of a follow up task presumably for a sales or customer success employee. It has their to-do list with the calls they need to make that day. Its seamless mobile interaction design allows the user to add a new item to their to-do list, either to make a call or send an email update. When the correct client and email is selected, templates pop up to help the user send out their correspondence faster. This is a streamlined process and would definitely help sales or customer success teams reach out to more clients faster than ever.

Source: Dribble

3. Green Food Interface by H-stepbackward for UIGREAT

What’s not to love when it comes to food apps? This app concept serves as a recipe for a gourmet cake and helps users buy the ingredients. Once the user taps into the cake and decides to make it, they can swipe up to get information about what’s in it. Tapping the plus button next to the ingredients adds a blank column to the right. Then the individual ingredients jump out and get situated in that column as you tap them. When you add more than one, it has the same movement and settles on top of the original image. Tapping “buy” below the images of the items erases them from the screen. Lastly, they land in a wicker basket with the total you have to pay and the option to confirm your order.

Source: Dribble

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